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Rostock Group funds genetic research of Alzheimer’s disease at University of Massachusetts Medical School

Rostock Group has awarded the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) in Worcester, MA $250,000  to study the underlying genetics that cause Alzheimer’s disease (AD), an irreversible and progressive brain disease characterized by dementia, an inability to create new memories, and, ultimately, long-term memory loss. The grant will support research by UMMS Professor of Psychiatry Evgeny I. Rogaev, PhD. 

With this grant, Dr. Rogaev will develop DNA ultra-deep-sequencing techniques for identification and detection of genetic variations and\or alterations of genes that may play a role in AD. The frequency of genetic variations will be estimated and quantitative data about gene regulation will be revealed. 
Also, analysis of genome data will be performed to identify the most promising novel chromosomal locus associated with risk for AD. The researchers will search for specific single nucleotide polymorphisms or structural variations in a set of the selected genes  of AD patients. 
In addition, Dr. Rogaev will analyze the correlation of the polymorphisms in at least one genomic region identified in the study with level of expression of the identified gene and presentation of the genetic variant in different groups of patients. The researchers will also elucidate the putative interactions between the newly identified putative genetic risk or protective factor of AD and  other genotypes in known genes for AD. 
It is anticipated that novel putative marker/marker of risk for AD development or AD modulation may be identified through this work. 
In the words of Mr. Alexander Chikunov, Founder and President of Rostock Group, ‘the research can be a breakthrough in revealing and evaluating the risk for development of AD, a terminal age-related disease with no known cure.”.

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