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Rostock Group’s non-commercial financing of genetic research of Alzheimer’s disease totaled US$ 500 thousand in 2011

Rostock Group announced that in December, 2011, it transferred the last tranche of US$ 125 thousand of agreed non-commercial financing of Alzheimer’s disease genetic research to University of Massachusetts (UMASS, Worchester, MA). Thus, in 2011, non-commercial financing of Alzheimer’s disease by Rostock Group totaled US$ 500 thousand. 

The work is done by a group of researchers led by Professor of UMASS, Russian scientist Dr. Eugene Rogaev, who has been successfully studying Alzheimer’s disease molecular and genetic factors and markers for many years. 
The objective of the study is to identify a new DNA-marker of alleviated risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The marker can become a target for development of respective diagnostic DNA test systems and pharmaceutical products. 
Alexander Chikunov, Founder and President of Rostock Group, stated that “the search for Alzheimer’s disease genes is one of the most important directions of the Rostock Group’s search projects – projects that aim to develop real breakthroughs in today scientific knowledge”.  
Dr. Eugene Rogaev, winner of State Prize of Russian Federation, Dr. Sc., Professor of UMASS, one of the discoverers of two out of three known genes of risk for development of family Alzheimer’s disease and some other genetically defined diseases.  One of the recent works of Dr. Rogaev and his colleagues led to discovery of the mutated gene of Royal Disease, a form of hemophilia (Science, 2009). Dr. Rogaev is known for genetic expertise of the remnants of Tzar Nicolas II and his family. 

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