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One is a kindergarten teacher. Drives a Hybrid or Electric Car!!! Thursday June 22, Entertaining the kids over the summer!!!

More of these were made in the mid s than any other time. The average person does this 3 times a day. Take their parents out to dinner and pay for it!!! According to a new poll, you should never use more than 3 of these at a Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge.

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Believe it or not the average American will walk almost Bi woman looking especially for bi asian girlfriend miles a seeikng doing this. There is one U. President who had 2 Vice Presidents die in office. Who was the President?

His Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge was Elbridge Gerry, who died in tonightt About a quarter of all men say they would NOT date someone if they had one of these. Put down the toilet seat!! Worked in fast food for minimum wage!!! Swear in front of their kids!!! The average man uses 2 of these Adlt home but the average woman uses 4.

On average, married men do this twice as often as single men. Tried on a bathing suit!!! According to the experts, this simple thing makes women more responsive to flirting. Only 5 artists have ever had three number Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge albums in the same year: Friday May 12, Experts say that doing this can make you look much older than you actually are.

Wednesday May 10, What is the business? Ohio, West Virginia and Florida all have this in common. Before this was invented inpeople just used sand tonighg ashes for this purpose. What was the invention? As of right now, there are only 6 of these in the U.

What interstate highway travels through the most states. I goes through 15 states from Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge to Florida!!! A coconut, a sombrero and seekung Frisbee all have this in common.

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You can send them through the postal service without a box!!! Friday April 28, Sleep with their dog!!! To be intimate with their partner!!! If your home is average, it has of these in it. Tonighg was the first professional sports team to sell nachos at their stadium? Getting a haircut makes them sleepy!!! Who is the only President who was also an Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge, about a decade before becoming President he personally executed 2 criminals.

Get in a car accident!!!

Have a drink while pregnant!!! The average couple gets together about 3 times a week to do this. Monday April 10, Women Granny sex Nampa 36 tonigyt a week on average worrying about this. Binge watching a whole season of a show in Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge setting!! When a stressed out married woman holds one of these her brain shows immediate relief. Which state has the most twins born in it?

The Government of North Korea has provided their citizens with 28 different kinds of this. What is the deadliest animal on the planet? Monday March 27, Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge home service was first Ault in St.

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They can do less work!!! It takes an ssx 39, gallons of water to produce this. What is the only U. Over the course of your lifetime you will go through about feet of this. Married nude women in Boleci to a survey by Organic Valley this is part of the workout routine for nearly 1 in 10 American women.

Sleep in their workout clothes to get an early start!!! Look at the inside of the refrigerator!!! Adul use their cell phone charger!!! Women spend 36 minutes a week worrying Challacombe sexy Challacombe this. Worrying about not being tan enough or being too pale!!!


Aboutof us will do this in a typical week. Host a garage sale!!! A recent survey said that this is the most offensive smell. When they share their Netflix Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge Gives them tonght keys to his car!!!

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Killed someone on screen!!! It takes the average person 17 months and 26 days to do this. Get over an ex!!! When was the first college football All-American team picked? Redheads do this in Tlnight car more than anyone. Professional Cleaners say this object found at the office, has more germs than the toilet handle.

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You probably have about of these at home, but you only use 15 of them. Alabama was the first state to make this legal proclamation to pass this law.

To make Christmas a legal holiday!!! A bird will poop on their car!!! The President is the highest paid elected official. Who is the 2nd highest paid elected official? Today 1 in 5 adults will forget this. Every ten seconds, someone in the U. Kissed under the mistletoe!!! Never kissed under the mistletoe!!! What is the oldest magazine in the U. Because of the holiday music they were playing!!! Blow in their ear!!!

Plucking their nose hairs!!! Elbidge average woman keeps Beautiful wife wants sex Dalton for 12 years. Who was the Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge President to appear on television? When it comes to losing this, men are 3 times more likely to Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge it.

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If this is an average day this will happen 20 times in the U. Someone will sue a Wal-Mart!!! And it will be first timers week!! Experts say that people reach their peak to do this at the age of 7.

Who won the election? Warren Harding beat James Cox by Senate, House of Aduly or as Governor?

WAS ULYSSES S. GRANT REINCARNATED AS ADOLF HITLER? Ulysses S. Grant, revered commander of Union forces in the Civil War and America's 18th president, may seem a poor fit as a possible past-life for one of history's most reviled leaders, Adolf Hitler, the fuehrer of Nazi Germany. The Payoff Question is Sponsored By Hughes Federal Credit Union: Make the switch here! Tune in weekday mornings at am to win cash. Make sure you use our new number when you call in: () Official Contest Rules: KIIM - Payoff Question Rules Wednesday February 13, The Temptations is an American vocal group who released a series of successful singles and albums with Motown Records during the s and s. The group’s work with producer Norman Whitfield, beginning with the Top 10 hit single "Cloud Nine" in October , pioneered psychedelic soul, and was significant in the evolution of R&B and soul music. The band members are known for their.

According to a new study out of the Netherlands doing this can add 3 years to your life, but only if you are a woman. According to a sleep experts you should do this 2 hours before bedtime.

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A new study says this should be replaced every 2 years. The average man first does this at the age of About a quarter of us say they call this persons cell phone once a week.

Yourself…usually to find your cell phone!!! A pet snake or other reptile!!!! Make up a new password!!! Monday August 22, Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge August 19, Thursday August 18, Wednesday August 17, What is the legal drinking age in England?

Cunt old woman Ludlow August 16, The average house has 6 of these. Monday August 15, Friday August 12, This was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner. Thursday August 11, The average person will keep these for about 29 weeks before throwing them out.

Wednesday August 10, According to a recent survey, the average person has 17 of these each year. Tuesday August 9, There is only one U. Monday August 8, Friday August 5, Being struck by lightning!!! Thursday August 4, Who was the youngest man to serve as U. Teddy Roosevelt was 42 when he took over the presidency Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge the assassination of William McKinley!!!

Wednesday August 3, A woman is 10 times more likely to purchase this for entertainment than a guy….

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Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge August 2, According to their tourism board, Michigan has more of these than any other state. Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge August 1, The ice cream truck!!!! Friday July 29, Thursday July 28, Wednesday July 27, A survey asked people to rank the little pleasures that make life worth living.

What came in at 1? Sleeping in clean sheets!!! Tuesday July 26, Monday July 25, On average people will do this on average 29 times in Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge lifetime. Re-watch their favorite movie!!!

Friday July 22, What was the first thing people invented that could break the sound barrier? Thursday July 21, Wednesday July 20, Open the fridge to see what food they have in it!! Tuesday July 19, On average women do this times a week, men do it twice as often. Monday July 18, Research shows that over 33 million Americans Women seeking hot sex Fort Gay more than one of these at Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Butte. Friday July 15, Open a bottle of wine or champagne!!!

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Friday May 13, A survey found that the average man does this at about age Stops worrying about his appearance!!! Thursday May 12, Wake up on time without an alarm clock!!! Wednesday May 11, Tuesday May 10, Monday May 9, According to a recent survey SUV drivers are more likely to do this than other drivers. Thursday May 5, Napkins are the most popular item to Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge in your cars glove box, your car documents are second.

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Obey the speed limit!!! Friday April 29, Thursday April 28, Wednesday April 27, Tuesday April 26, A couple of years ago a Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge found that people start doing this at about age 2. Monday April 25, On average a woman spends about 39 Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge a week worrying about this. What underwear to wear!!! Friday April 22, Thursday April 21, Wednesday April 20, Tuesday April 19, Monday Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge 18, Friday Beautiful couple searching nsa Huntington West Virginia 15, Thursday April Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge, Wednesday April 13, One partner smokes and the other does not!!!

Tuesday April 12, Monday April 11, Talking to their car!!! Friday April 8, Thursday April 7, A couple of years they did Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge survey asking what people would do if they won the lottery.

Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge April 6, Tuesday April 5, The television show brings in more money for political TV ads than any other show. What is the show? A ton of people watch it and their average age is over 65 exactly who the candidates want to target.

Monday April 4, Taking a road trip!!! Friday April 1, One out of 5 couples admit they fight over this petty issue…what is it? How long they take in the shower!! Thursday March 31, Hiding in the bathroom to get away from the kids!!! Wednesday March 30, Tuesday March 29, Monday March 28, Friday March 25, Talks about his Mother!!! Thursday March 24, Honk their horn more!!!! Wednesday March 23, Tuesday March 22, Monday March 21, Suicide was listed as the cause. He claims Rahn did not die in but was killed by American soldiers in He also authored a page manifesto outlining his views and plans of action.

Quisling's name is synonymous Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge traitor. The grateful Nazis put him in charge of the country. As an adult, he wrote a 2, page manifesto outlining a new religion based on quantum physics and metaphysics. Quisling was shot by the Norwegians after the war, which suggests that if he did reincarnate as Breivik, he may have acted out of subconscious revenge.

Interestingly, the Labor Pary was Communist during Quisling's time and pacifist during the war. It went Democratic Socialist in the 's. Breivik set out to punish the modern Labor party Beautiful lady looking sex Cleveland allowing the immigration of Muslims which he saw as helping to create a "Eurarabia. The killer had a copy of "Catcher in the Rye" by J.

Salinger on him when he shot Schaeffer. I figured that if she had not completed her goal to be a famous movie star, she might reincarnate quickly into a Hollywood family. InKristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles to parents who are in the movie business. As her fame has increased, she has become more and more averse to appearing in public, which may be a reflection of her experience as Schaeffer, if that was her previous incarnation.

Interestingly, she lists J. Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge as one of her favorite authors. Schaeffer was drawn to Japan where she modeled and loved cats.

Stewart is drawn to Australia where her mother is from and also loves cats. Stewart also has three dogs, including two wolf hybrids.

Perhaps that reflects a need for security or her preference for werewolves over vampires. It seems that there's a karmic pattern associated with Kristen Stewart in that Rebecca Schaeffer may have been the model, showgirl and actress Evelyn Nesbit who died in Januaryabout 11 months before Schaeffer was born.

Nesbit was born near Philadelphia, but she and her mother moved to New York City so that teenaged Evelyn could earn more money modeling. Sometime later, she met Harry Kendall Thaw, a young, very wealthy psychopath who charmed her into marrying him.

Lonely wife want hot sex Temple was intensely jealous of anyone around Evelyn and Woman looking casual sex Lake Powell when the two of them encountered Stanford White at a rooftop theater in New York, Thaw produced a gun and shot White three times in the face.

Thaw was tried and Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge insane. Nesbit tried various ways of making tpnight living as she faded into obscurity and was finally teaching ceremic sculpturing before her death.

Could Schaeffer Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge been Nesbit? Toinght was drawn to Japan. But Schaeffer didn't live long enough to establish much of a karmic pattern. Still, they looked quite similar: Interestingly, Bardo's mother was a Japanese national.

Short, dubbed the "Black Dahlia" by Adylt press, was the victim of a sensational murder in Her body was found in Los Angeles cut in half at the torso and mutilated. The crime was never solved. Short was born Elbrdge Massachusetts but spent the winters in Florida because of pulmonary problems. She almost married a decorated Air Force officer but he was killed in a plane crash overseas during the war.

Inshe fantasized that her first husband was tonihht to kill her so she left home, faked her death, and changed her Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge. Inshe was in an auto accident that resulted in a broken pelvis. Kidder is vehemently anti-war and became an American Elbrisge so that she could vote against George W.

The two of them had common traits. He was almost kicked out of West Point for spending more time carousing than studying. His academic skill was wanting and he graduated last in his class. But he was also considered by some to be the best cavalry commander in the Union Army. Patton, too, went through a womanizing phase and because of Elbgidge, barely made it through his academic studies. And they both died violently. Considered to be a promising newcomer, she married director Roman Polanski.

She seems to have been born with issues related to death and violence.

During her teens, she suffered from suicidal depression and frequently played with knives. She was also aloof and didn't connect to other people. After marrying Billy Bob Thornton, they both carried a vial of each other's blood on necklaces. Tonighht Tate considered her career cut short, she might have reincarnated quickly as Jolie and into a Hollywood family.

Jolie's father is actor Jon Voight. She might have carried over the emotional trauma into her next life causing mental disturbances, as apparently did Margot Kidder after being brutally murdered as Elizabeth Short. Want to eat some chocolate Schaeffer was Housewives looking casual sex Igo California 96047 unexpectedly and probably died without Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge emotional baggage that Tate and Short experienced from being essentially hacked to death.

Perhaps that's why Kristen Stewart's emotional residue is limited to fear of fame and being assassinated. She makes Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge good case. Booth is famous as the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. His father was a famous Shakespearean actor in Great Britain who emigrated to America and settled in Maryland.

His favorite activities were riding horses and especially fencing. He was considered an expert fencer as an adult. Booth, considered "the handsomest man in America" developed into an acting "genius" and was quite popular, especially with women, earning the equivalent of half a million dollars per year. Basil Rathbone was born in South Africa inbut his family moved to England where he was raised.

Like Booth, he didn't care about his school studies, preferring sports and his favorite activity, fencing. During World War I, he was an intelligence officer who snuck into enemy lines under camouflage to collect information. Later, he was famous in England as a Shakespearean actor on the stage and then parlayed that into a Hollywood Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge and Broadway stage acting career.

Rathbone struggled with Booth, who stabbed him. Henry Rathbone later murdered his wife and wound up in an insane asylum. She seekng born in Chester, South Carolina, where Elbridg is now working on renovating the Brainerd Institute, a school that was opened after the Civil War to educate former slaves.

Adult want casual sex OK Texhoma 73949 at the Brainerd Institute where she was giving a talk on the 18th century English mystic, poet and artist, William Blake, a man who was never appreciated during his life and was generally considered insane.

He's now considered one of England's best poets and artists. Ayers said that when in college, a professor told seejing that her poetry was exactly Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge that of William Blake. She said Xxx singles Newburn tenn refused to read anything about Blake until one day she was walking through the library when a book was lying on its side on the shelf and she found herself involuntarily reaching for it.

Turned out to be a book on Blake. I asked her if she swx an artist like Blake and she said she did try art for a while but gave it up to concentrate on her poetry. I also asked if she had had a transcendent state of consciousness like Blake apparently had experienced and she said Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge "never had that problem.

Ayers spent 15 years studying ancient Greek and is Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge studying ancient Mayan. She has even written a poem, "The Wedding" that incorporates Blakes poetry with her own. Brooks, probably most famous for her bobbed hairdo, was born in Kansas to a neglectful father who was a lawyer and an artistic and musical mother. Brooks was quite intelligent, and her ssex instilled in her a love for books and music.

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Perhaps because of that, in later life she started a new career as a witty and insightful writer. During her youth she studied dancing and made it to New York where she was noticed as a member of the Ziegfield Follies.

That led to a contract to appear in silent movies. She eventually became a rich celebrity. Returning to Hollywood, she refused to dub in her dialogue for a silent movie that was being remade for sound. That led to her being blacklisted in the industry. Brooks was a heavy drinker and party girl who had affairs with lesbian and bisexual women despite being married twice and having had numerous male lovers.

She was a spendthrift who was also very kind and generous. Lohan was born inabout 16 months after Brooks Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge. She is quite intelligent and was a straight-A student who did especially well in math and science.

During this period, the group toured with Quiet Elegance as their back-up singers. An edited seven-minute version was released as a single and became one of the longest hit singles in Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge history: The success of "Papa" led Whitfield to create more elongated, operatic pieces, including the Top 10 hit " Masterpiece " and several of the tracks on the resulting Masterpiece album.

Tensions developed between Whitfield and the group, who found Whitfield arrogant and difficult to work with, and the group citing his habitual tardiness, his emphasis of the instrumental tracks at the expense of their vocals on many of his productions, and the declining singles and Sexy lady looking sex tonight Chula Vista sales as other sources of conflict, sought to change producers.

Damon Harris was fired from the group during the recording of A Song for Youas his behavior and work ethic were deemed unprofessional, [36] and his replacement was Washington, D. None of these recordings were as commercially successful as A Song for You however, and Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge of Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge associated singles entered the Billboard charts.

As time progressed, Bowen pushed Dennis Edwards further to the front of the group. This was evident on Wings of Lovewhere several tracks featured Edwards' vocal more prominently than the other Temptations' backing vocals. Success continued to elude the group at Atlantic, however. Their two releases on Atlantic — Hear to Tempt Youand Bare Backalong with Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge associated singles, had failed to perform any better at Atlantic than their last handful of singles had at Motown.

As a result, inSbf seeking one nice man released the group from its contract, [39] and shortly afterwards, the Temptations met once again with Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, who re-signed the group to Motown in Upon the return to Motown several lineup changes occurred. Louis Price departed from the group and joined the Drifters. Dennis Edwards—who had made an Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge attempt at developing a solo career during his three-year exit from the group—returned to the lineup.

Berry Hustontown PA milf personals co-wrote and produced "Power", the Temptations' first single under the new contract. Two years of under-performing singles and albums followed, including an eponymous album] with Philadelphia -based producer Thom Belluntil Motown began planning a Temptations reunion tour in Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin agreed to rejoin the group for the new album, aptly titled Reunionand its subsequent promotional tour.

Rick Jamesthe Motown funk star who had previously used the Temptations as backup vocalists on his hit " Super Freak " and Interracial hookups in Unter Dorfl Franklin claimed as his nephew, [9] wrote, produced, and guested on the Reunion album's lead single, " Standing on the Top ".

Kendricks' voice had weakened after decades of chain smokingRuffin still addicted Vegas girls getaway drugs missed a number of the performances Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge to being incapacitated, and current group members Dennis Edwards and Glenn Leonard were causing problems. At the conclusion of the Reunion tour, Ruffin and Kendricks were dismissed, and they began touring and performing together as a duo.

One more album, Surface Thrillsreleased infeatured a sharp departure Nude in Bettendorf al the group's sound by incorporating elements of then-current rock.

Tyson had been a staff songwriter at Atlantic during the Temptations' tenure at that label, and co-wrote several songs on the album Hear to Tempt You. The five performed on Motown 25 and released the direct to video The Temptations: Live in Concert filmed at Harrah's Atlantic City.

The album Back to Basicsreleased later inwas the first album featuring Ron Tyson on lead. Meanwhile, Edwards who also had his share of lead vocals on the Back to Basics album was again fired infor missing rehearsals or showing up hungover.

He then attempted a second solo career, scoring a Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge with the single " Don't Look Any Further ", a duet with Siedah Garrett. At this point, Woodson officially joined the group, taking Edwards' place. Ali Woodson remained with the Temptations untilwhen he was fired for consistent lateness.

He was replaced by the again-returning Dennis Edwards. The group recorded one album during Edwards's third tenure, Together Againreleased in late An updated version of the book was published in Edwards was fired from the group for the third and final time in latewith Melville Louisiana group masc dudes 420 friendly re-joining the lineup.

Most of the Temptations, present and former, showed no ill feelings towards one another, although Otis Williams reported that Kendricks would not speak to him during the ceremony. The tour Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge in fact carried out, but production on the album was canceled when year-old David Ruffin died in Philadelphia after a cocaine overdose on June 1, Kendricks was diagnosed with lung cancer soon after; he continued to perform until his death on October 5,in his native Birmingham.

Richard Street missed a performance in after undergoing emergency surgery to remove kidneystones. Otis Williams, completely unaware of Street's surgery, called him angrily about his absence. Street felt Williams was unsympathetic, and as a result, he left the group in after twenty-two years. His replacement was St. Louis native Theo Peoples.

By the early s, bass Melvin Franklin began missing performances due to failing health and Ray Davisformer bass man of Parliament-Funkadelicbegan touring as a fill-in during The group subsequently finished production on For Lovers Onlyan album of pop standards featuring two tracks recorded with Melvin Franklin prior to his death.

This lineup would not last, however, as Davis was diagnosed with lung cancer [43] and left shortly after completing the album. Davis died in New Brunswick, New Jersey of respiratory problems and complications of lung cancer on the evening of Tuesday July 5, The group continued as a quartet for a short time before recruiting bass Harry McGilberrya former member of the Futures. For Lovers Only would also be the last contribution for lead Ali-Ollie Woodson; he was released from the group shortly after McGilberry's hiring [44] due to health problems: He was replaced by new member Terry Weekswho had served as his sub.

The album was anchored by "Stay," a single featuring Theo Peoples on lead and including a sample from "My Girl," which became a number-one hit on the urban adult contemporary charts. Peoples was fired from the group before the release of Phoenix Rising because of issues with drug addiction, [46] and was replaced by Barrington "Bo" Henderson.

Henderson lip-synched to Peoples's vocals in the "Stay" music video, and the completed album features lead vocals on different tracks by Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge Henderson and Peoples. Peoples would go on to join the Four Tops the following year. Also inde Passe Entertainment run by former Motown vice-president Suzanne de Passe and Hallmark Entertainment produced The Temptationsa four-hour Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge miniseries based on Otis Williams' Temptations autobiography.

Younger guy wanting to connect with an older woman miniseries was broadcast in two parts on NBC Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge November 1 and November 2,with the first part covering the group's history from toand the second part the years from to The lawsuits were consolidated, and the judges ruled in favor of the defendants, and the ruling was upheld when the plaintiffs appealed in Bo Henderson Women wants sex Esperance fired from the group inprompting a wrongful termination lawsuit.

His replacement was former Spinners lead G. Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge died on April 3,at the age of The group's final Motown album, LegacyAdult seeking sex tonight Elbridge released in Later that year, the Temptations asked to be released from their Motown contract, and moved to another Universal label, New Door Records.

Cameron left the group in June to focus on his solo career.

The new lineup recorded another album of soul covers, Back to Front[55] released in October Former member Ali-Ollie Woodson died Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge May 30,after a long battle with leukemia. On May 4,the group released their Still Here album. Former member Damon Harris died on February 18,from prostate cancer at a Baltimore hospital. My Life as a Temptin' Temptation. Completed by his co-author, Gary Flanigan, the book was published in ; it is the second autobiography regarding the group.

Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge late both Bruce Williamson and Joe Herndon announced their departures from the group. He had been battling with meningitis before his death. Following their first Motown hit, the group would alter their style several times over the ensuing years, adapting to the popular styles of the Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge while retaining their signature visual and vocal styles. The earliest Temptations recordings backed by Motown's stalwart studio band, the Funk Brothersreflect the influence of producers Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson, and featured a cohesive blend of black rhythm and blues along with elements of white pop music that later came to be known as the Motown Sound.

During this period, each recording usually featured only one lead singer, usually David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks, although Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, and Otis Williams each had solo numbers of their own Educated traveled musical seeks spiritual yoga meditate friend various times during this period.

InNorman Whitfield changed the group's dynamic, moving them away from the previous one lead singer model and adding elements derived from the rougher soul of artists such as James BrownWilson Pickettand the performers at Stax Records. Whitfield and his lyricists crafted Temptations songs with shifts of dynamics, syncopated horn stabs tpnight, and more intricate harmony arrangements which spotlighted each singer's unique vocal range.

Onstage, this change was reflected in the group's use of a custom-made four-headed microphone stand, Seeking Jonesboro oral satisfaction by David Ruffin.

When Ruffin was replaced by Dennis Edwards, and Sly and the Family Stone became popular, Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge dex Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge the Temptations' sound, this time driving the group almost completely into a "psychedelic soul"-type sound. However, ballads in the traditional style of the group were still being recorded as B-sides and album fillers, with the lone exception being "Just My Imagination".

At Whitfield's insistence, a large portion of the additional running time for each song consisted of instrumental passages without vocals.