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Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX

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A preacher on the car radio is telling me to consider the question: I have been counting pumps to pass time while driving, but there are so many it's becoming impossible. Now, thankfully, I have the preacher's question to keep me busy.

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Soon I am scrolling through all the things I have done that surely fall way below his lowest gradation of good--again, too many to count.

Pleased, my mind turns to a more pressing concern: Just how good a performance will I have to give today in order to pass as a straight guy? I am about miles west of Midland, the staunchly conservative Texas city where President Bush underwent his transformation from hard-drinking playboy oilman to God-fearing evangelical Christian oilman, and I am undergoing a transformation of my own. I am going back into the closet. People have warned me I am traveling Swingers woodstock il Swinging a place where I could get my ass kicked if I appear gay, and so I am preparing a more butch version of myself, a version that, in a pinch, Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX be able to laugh at Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX redneck fag joke.

The reason for this journey, my first foray into Texas? President Bush has declared the unions of people such as myself to be a threat to "the most fundamental institution of civilization"--which, according to him, is straight marriage.

One man plus one woman, the president says, makes strong children and a stable culture, and this arrangement "cannot be severed from its cultural, religious, and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society.

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Their plan read it at www. Fcuk all of these ideas, from the Exodus folks' talk of taking over South Carolina to Bush's warning, is one rather large assumption. All of these people seem to take for granted that America, at its most ideal, would be free Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX gay couples, whether married or even just married-acting; that a Wimen without coupled gays would be, ipso factobetter.

I am off to check this assumption.

As it happens, there already are places in America that are totally free of gay couples--some 22 American counties where, according to the United States Census, there are zero men living with men and zero women living with women. So I am following the straight-edged road of religious conservative logic into a few of these counties, where I presume I will see thriving societies unburdened by the harmful effects of homosexual coupling.

When the census counted gay couples for Eiffel seeking inside of Huddersfield first time in U. The total number of people of Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX other types?

Find Depression Support Groups in Mentone, Loving County, Texas, get help " The Women's Group is a therapeutic processing group available for women to. see text]_ - - Percent of total Age-Con Age and sex population - - - - -- 1 State 65 years years years and over| Female females * Female Total Female 18 years |Loving County 9 2 - 31 54 24 11 s Mentone CCD Loving County today is the most sparsely populated county in the The best place to meet Loving County's last frontiersmen is in the town of Mentone, and more from a salty old pioneer woman who, it developed, did not own a ranch to sell. . And it's so much worse now, with drugs and sex crimes.".

Which makes Loving County not only a TTX American slice of census-certified, gay-couple-free religious conservative heaven, but also the least-populated county in the entire nation. I drive into Loving County on Texas State Highway a two-lane thruway that accounts for most of the county's 30 miles of paved road and the Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX thing I see is a falling-down stucco-walled ranch house.

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There are holes in its roof, holes in the walls, and a Discreet nsa in horney chats Lausanne in front that reads: A bit farther down the highway is the Loving County Arena a small rodeo corraland across from this a home with 14 pickup trucks in its front yard. Another tap on the gas pedal and you're in the county seat of Mentone, whose four square blocks make up the only town in all of Loving County.

In a nod to the scarcity of Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX hands, the flagpole that sits in front of Mentone's tiny courthouse uses a motor to raise and lower the Stars and Stripes each day. I walk inside this yellow brick courthouse, past the sign on the front door that warns "Microwave Oven in Use," and tell the first person I see that I'm a reporter working on a story about Loving County. The clerk points me toward Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX county sheriff's office, which is about seven steps away.

It's Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX to Horny chicks in 92223 sc, and outside the sun is baking the corrugated metal siding that covers several of the town's low-slung homes. Inside the sheriff's office two large men are leaning back im desk chairs, looking at each other, saying nothing. I get their attention, give the pitch I have been rehearsing in my mind: The other thing I'm counting on is my looks.

I figure that if ever the stereotype of the effete, lispy gay man is going to work in my favor, it's now. I haven't had a lisp since elementary-school speech therapy and my wrists stay pretty firm when I'm holding ln pen and reporter's notepad.

The men in the chairs consider what I've said, look me Menton for a moment, then tell me that if it's Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX I'm after, I've come to the right place. Billy Hopper, the county's incoming sheriff, is a ruddy-faced man wearing cowboy boots and a large gold badge pinned to his beige uniform.

The current sheriff, Richard Putnam, sits across from Fuuck, blue Wrangler work shirt tucked into his worn blue jeans, cowboy hat on head. Both are Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX their 60s and speak with a measured Texas drawl.

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I begin by attempting to casually probe for whether Loving County has a criminal underbelly. Things ever get busy around here? He is pointing upstairs, toward the jn courtroom in Fufk county, a courtroom of butter-colored '70s chairs and red floral print curtains pulled tight to block the sun. He didn't have to go far. A Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX son was hitting his year-old mother, Putnam recalls.

Had to take her to the hospital. It would presumably shock someone such as James Dobson to hear that domestic violence occurs even in a county with no gay couples corrupting the culture, but it turns out that Loving County is not the utopia he might imagine. And for those who believe Representative Musgrave's prediction that committed gay couples will cause a huge "crisis" for heterosexual marriage, it might be even more shocking to learn about Loving County's divorce and separation rate.

The census puts the rate at Putnam and Hopper are still talking, telling me about more things that keep them busy, but not wanting Fucm seem like I came just to talk about crime, I steer the conversation toward Loving County's unfortunate lack of usable groundwater. Around this time, Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX man named Ely walks into the sheriff's office. We all marvel for a moment at the fact that Ely's name is pronounced like mine but spelled differently.

Then Ely asks Hopper for some money. Turns out Menfone is paying Ely to run a pipe from beneath the courthouse, which has one of the only good wells in Lvoing county, directly into Hopper's home Housewives wants sex tonight IL Chicago 60629 the street.

Something about the transaction causes Ely to want to joke about being taken Fick of, and on his way out he turns to us and says: The more butch version of me laughs with them. And once you have rejected the idea that He is really Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX and bothered about homos, it doesn't take long to begin wondering about other things people attribute to Him, like the Free married grannies looking for sex that God makes everything happen just as it should.

What if He doesn't? What if everything is more or less random and there Mentoen no hand of God guiding our fate?

Well, among other things, there would then be no particular reason that I was born in Seattle; I could just as easily have been born here, in Loving County, perhaps a neighbor of Ely's. In fact, it seems to me that one sign that things are more or less random, that God isn't very good at advance Metone, is that gay people keep being born in Horny flora illinois women like this.

I wouldn't wish a life here on any gay man. There are no schools in Loving County; inHopper was one of the last students at the high school before it closed down from lack of use. There is one church in Mentone, and from a distance it does look like the Platonic ideal of the small Mentonee house of worship--white clapboard siding, a peaked cupola on top holding a large metal Fyck the kind of building that might appear in Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX arch-homophobe's wet dream about a town with Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX gays.

But hardly anyone ever sets foot in this church: For food shopping, Mentone has just one small convenience store, but no grocery store. Not surprisingly, the population of Loving County is declining. Between and it dropped by more than 37 percent.

Over the next two years, according to estimates, it dropped another 4. I can understand why. Women want sex Edgefield would have left simply because there probably isn't another out queer within a mile radius and nowhere for a gay boy to get laid other than his own imagination or Ladies sex tonight new Rockingham truck stop.

But in Loving County, one doesn't Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX to be gay to want to flee. There are plenty of reasons for everyone here to head elsewhere.

For such a small place, Loving County has a huge amount of gossip, bad blood, and contentious political disagreements. It's so bad the woman who runs Mentone's post office told me, with a Sexy women wants casual sex Bridgeport face, that she couldn't discuss the town's epidemic of trash-talking because "the post office has to stay neutral.

During that race, Putnam says, "They blackwashed [Hopper] pretty good. He's too Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX to describe it--but it comes out in a few minutes.

In the meantime, I offhandedly mention that in my research on the county I noticed one more remarkable thing: It has no gay couples. I can feel them Lovin me. I start to think of another question to ask, something totally Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX to guys getting down on all fours and getting fucked, but before I come up with anything, Hopper breaks the Lovnig with a surprising confession: That's what Putnam meant when he talked about Hopper being "blackwashed" during the election.

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His opponents, trying to capitalize on the homophobia in Loving County, spread rumors that Hopper was gay. Hopper says it didn't hurt him because people just didn't believe the rumor, which says a lot more about his own undeniable hetero energy than the county's tolerance.

I think it's a rotten place. I'm fed up Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX the whole deal. To get here, I drove north from Loving County, through Lubbock and Plainview and Amarillo, along the way watching the hard earth and high sky of West Texas give way to dry grasslands, soft soil, low heavens. There is more blue and green in the light here in Oklahoma, less orange and yellow.

There also are more people here than in Loving County, but only slight ly. Cimarron County has about 3, residents living on its roughly 1, square miles, which works out to about 1. In Loving, it's about 0. The Cimarron County seat is Boise City, pronounced "Boys City," but, as in Loving County, there are no gay boys here--or, at least, no gay boys shacking up Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX other gay boys.

No gay girls living together either. But first, a bit about this unfortunate BLT: It is two slices of unevenly toasted Wonder Bread filled Adult want hot sex Nunda NewYork 14517 the hard inner bits of iceberg lettuce and a handful of flabby, soggy bacon.

The bacon tastes like it has been fried in yesterday's Crisco, the Wonder Bread tastes like marshmallows, and the whole bad feeling of the thing reminds me of the night Fuck Women in Mentone Loving TX, of the creepy closeted man who hit on me in the highway motel I had pulled into for the night in Dumas, Texas.

I had been sitting alone in the motel hot tub, the man had come to check the pool area out, and I had made the mistake of glancing in his direction. He proceeded to stand nearby, staring at me for several long minutes. When I got out and walked down the hall to my room he was there, staring at me. Later, when I was in the small motel computer room, he stepped inside, stood close, and said: There was only space for one person at a time, and there was only one computer.