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Need some to talk 2 I Am Looking Sexy Meet

Discussion in ' Glock Need some to talk 2 Club ' started by recondocJan 23, Log in or Sign up. Jan 23, 1. I just got a good deal on a Gen 2 My entire reason for grabbing it was that it was cheaper than buying the individual completion parts to do a Poly 80 hybrid build.

Now I'm having doubts because, as I look at it, it is still complete as it rolled off the line. It has an MS prefix.

I don't have the box but it still has all the original, blued internal parts and the non-captured guide rod and spring. Sights are factory adjustable.

Has a little plastic buffer of some kind Need some to talk 2 the front of the slide. Not sure if that was factory Now I don't Need some to talk 2 if I should tear this one apart or try to find it a home with a collector type.

I don't know if it's really that collectible or not but I do notice that there are several posts about these.

Makes me wonder if a bunch have recently been dumped on the market. Jan 23, 2. What all parts are you needing for your p80 build Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Jan 23, 3. Basically I need everything but the frame.

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That's why I grabbed this one. I just figured I'd transfer everything over. Jan 23, 4. ValmetJan 23, Jan 23, 5.

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So long as I'm not committing some kind of Glock sacrilege by cannibalizing it. Jan 23, 6. Does it have the u notch mags? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Jan 23, 7.

Jan 23, 8. Original black parts and RSA have value, you are better off saving or going ahead and selling them and buying new parts for a gun you want to shoot. Jan 24, 9.

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Jan 24, I disagree with the sentiment otherwise expressed thus far. A two letter prefix Glock with original soe down to the non captured RSA, as a gen 2, is at the early stages of becoming collectible.

Are you willing to hang onto it for a decade or two I'm being Need some to talk 2 If so, I believe you will see it appreciate, significantly. If not, move it along to another home.

Marcus99Jan 24, Jan 25, I vote for keeping it original. It'll only ever be original once I still shoot my KD prefix 17 Gen 2 regularly. Had to replace the recoil spring a few Need some to talk 2 ago, but I kept the uncaptured spring and rod.

I'm just sad and in need for someone to talk to.

SmithModelOneJan Need some to talk 2, If you keep it original then you shouldn't be shooting it there was an actual reason for the 6 part upgrade. So then you have an investment into a gun on a shelf that only makes sense if you believe it's going to increase in value based upon it's "collectible" value.

There are a LOT of Gen2s out there. Gen2s were from to 10yrs vs 2 with a LOT of agencies adopting during that time and soaring popularity.

Need some to talk 2 I Am Look Sex Chat

So unless it's perfect mint, Real McComb woman wanted likelihood of collector driving up the price of Gen2s in the near future is very small - other than the value of the internal parts which people need to return Gen1s to original condition. Jan slme, Marcus99Jan 26, I would just keep it and shoot the heck out of it just as it is DonnJan 26, Feb 1, Did l miss the pics? RNeed some to talk 2 1, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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